IT Lives!!

Well, it took a little bit of jiggery-pokery here and there – mainly to make time in my diary to do it, rather than to solve any technical challenges! But, at long last, finally takes to the air!

This site, or at least the very early forerunner of it, was first published way back in early 1999 under the domain name: (which I still run today). It was painstakingly put together with Frontpage 98 and a graphics programme that shall remain nameless (mainly because I can’t remember what I actually used!). Various random updates followed until I majorly updated everything in about 2007, again by hand, with the intention to keep it all current.

Shortly after that… My daughter was born. Then, two years later, just when we were feeling very confident that we had completely mastered parenthood, her little brother arrived! Now… anyone with kids will understand when I say that the life-changing effects of having children has pretty much knocked all my good intentions to keep this site updated completely for six. Until Now…

Today’s blogging tools, together with a fresh copy of Dreamweaver CS6, a copy of Fireworks CS6 and plenty of fresh coffee have encouraged me to try again. This time is different. Not just because I have the kids all figured out now (brave words which I will no-doubt be eating in the very near future) but because I’m diversifying my IT Consultancy business – Toodoo Limited ( towards developing more opportunities from the Internet. My wife’s business, Designer Barn Limited ( – who, incidentally, offer an absolutely first class wedding and events planning service (shameless plug) will also be making much more use of the internet and you can probably guess who’ll be helping them with that.

So with business backing (albeit my own and my wife’s) the gauntlet has firmly been thrown down. This site is all about me; my work, my hobbies and my unique view on life. I trust you’ll find it interesting, useful, amusing and most importantly… regularly updated!

If you see stuff you like, please feel free to comment, to link or do drop me a note.

Until next time…

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