Easter Weekend in London

2015-04-02-BigBenIt’s been years since the Children have been down south and they’ve never been into London. So Easter Weekend seemed like the ideal time to take them on a field trip to see some of the sights. My current assignment is down in London so they came down to meet me for the weekend rather than me going home…

After visiting me at my Client’s Offices and introducing themselves to the entire office, we went down the road in a London Black Cab to Westminster so the Kids could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Westminster was in full tourist swing so we battled our way straight through the crowds to get across the river to the London Aquarium on South Bank. The kids love Aquariums, being frequent visitors to “The Deep” near Hull, so

Next was a trip for Mummy and Daddy wrapped up as a day for the Children. We took them to the Natural History Museum, which I last visited at school about thirty years ago!


It’s really changed and, in hindsight, a Bank Holiday was probably not the best time to go visit. It was unpleasantly crowded; which is probably great for the museum but made our visit a little bit of a smash-and-grab rather than the relaxed meander we’d planned.

It was great to see “Dippy” again but we’ll definitely pick a more unsociable time for our next visit!


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